Create a colorful epoxy river charcuterie board using eco-friendly epoxy from Nerpa Polymers.

August 6 & 13:   10am -1pm

$150 covers all materials and instruction

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In this 2-part, hands-on workshop, participants will learn the art of crafting stunning epoxy river charcuterie boards. These exquisite boards are not only functional but also serve as unique pieces of art that are sure to impress guests at any gathering.

In the first session, you will start by selecting the  wood that speaks to you.  Then you will use various power tools, learning woodworking skills, to shape the wood to the correct size.   Finally, you’ll learn how to work with resin, from the mixing to creating the mesmerizing epoxy river effect using a combination of epoxy resin and pigments.

In the second session, and once the epoxy has cured, you’ll do the final shaping of the board, sanding and finishing.

Grand Inspired is proud to use and sell Nerpa Polymers line of epoxy, made from 30-40% annually renewable plant material.

Tuesday mornings:  August 6 & 13  10am -1pm

$150 covers all materials and instruction