Grand Inspired Maker Space is a membership woodworking shop, open to all – those just learning and those at the top of their craft.  Two membership levels are offered:

Single Membership:  For one person. $50/mo or $510/12mo. 

Family Membership:  For two people. $85/mo or $865/12mo.  

Access the shop 365 days per year from 5am – midnight.

All members can sell their work in the Grand Inspired Gallery.

We offer climate & air-quality-controlled working spaces and commercial-quality equipment and tools including SawStop 3hp Table Saw, 20” Helical Head Planer, 18” Bandsaw, 22/44 Drum Sander, Slab Flattening Mill, CNC Engraver/Cutter, and much more! 

We also offer opportunities for learning & teaching with on-site staff, free weekly woodworking instruction and additional classes in advanced techniques.  Members can also teach classes to share their expertise and bring in some extra cash.

About Grand Inspired

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture the appreciation of things handmade.   Whether as a member of our woodworking makerspace, a guest in the gallery or a participant in a class, knowing that something was made by hands that cared about the wood means something to you.  Handmade means time and commitment to a process of imagination of design, selection of material, planning & problem solving, success & frustration, and finally a beautiful finished product.

Handmade contains as much of the artisan’s heart as it does their hand.   No two items they make will ever be the same.   And though no one else does, they often see a slight imperfection and wish they could have done better.

We live in a world of throw-away everything in which one can purchase furniture and art that was churned out by a machine and shipped across the ocean so that we can have cheap stuff.   Our world is high-tech: parts can be duplicated to precise, uniform measurements and materials are developed to make things that look great when new but wear out quickly so we can purchase them again.   There’s no inspiration; no soul involved.

At Grand Inspired, we believe that the process of making things from real wood by real people with all the imperfections of both brings us closer to the earth, to each other and to something that nurtures us as human beings.

Come Visit Us.  You’ll feel the connection.

The History of Grand Inspired

What’s the difference between a whim and a dream? A passing fancy and a vision?

If you’ve ever had a whisper pass through your imagination that said, “Wouldn’t it be amazing to…” then you understand the beginnings of Grand Inspired.

It started with seeing a “For Sale” sign in a once-grand building in need of sooo much TLC; with the calming sensation of running fingers across the surface of meticulously finished wood; and with the soul satisfaction of supporting a fellow dreamer to realize their vision.

The years have been stripped back from that building, and it has been restored to its unique beauty, Grand Inspired has opened its doors as an artisan home gallery filled with meticulously handcrafted wood pieces to inspire your life space.  Grand Inspired is also a woodworking maker space; a place where artists of every experience level can learn, dream, create, and inspire.

Come visit us.  Feel the dream, the vision, of history and future together in this place.


501 East Main Street, Stoughton, WI