Custom Works by Grand Inspired

Grand Inspired is happy to offer custom works in addition to our gallery items. You might have your own unique idea in mind, you may have seen an item in our gallery and wonder about having a variation, or you want to work with us to help create your idea. Our custom projects can range from high quality furniture, to art pieces, to simple household items. Whatever your inspiration, we work with you to uncover every detail about your future artisan work.

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Here’s how our custom creation process works

  1. Schedule your design meeting at Grand Inspired.
  2. Come to your meeting with a few starting ideas.
  3. Work with our design consultant to envision every detail of your piece.
  4. Within five days, receive a quote for you custom work.
  5. If everything is perfect, make an initial down-payment and your creation process will begin.
  6. Receive photo updates regularly until your piece is completed!

Grand Inspired can help you design custom works with mixed wood types, metals, or other media. Our meeting will help you discover what is possible, and to explore facets of your piece that you might not have considered before. After a thirty minute to one hour meeting you will leave with a complete image in your mind of your perfect piece and how long it will take. Get inspired and book now!