Create a stunning and functional canoe, kayak or SUP paddle, perfectly proportioned to your size and perfectly styled to your artistic sense.

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Imagine gliding along your favorite waterway, leaning into nature, enjoying the sounds of the wind, birds and the gentle dripping of water from your paddle.  And then imagine that paddle is one you built with your own hands.  Beautiful.  Lightweight.  And perfectly proportioned for you.

In this class, Instructor Jeff Bach will take you through each step of the build process from selecting the wood to measuring to forming the perfect angle, gluing & clamping and the finish process of epoxy and fiberglass so your paddle is protected from bumps and bruises.

You can select from an all wood style or include a fabric underlay to create a truly unique and personalized paddle.

This class will be individually scheduled.   Your first session will last 3-4 hours.  Following that, the length of each subsequent session depends on the task to be accomplished.  You decide how much of the finish work to complete yourself or have the instructor complete.   You may decide to do every step of the process yourself (anticipate 4-5 more short sessions) or just some of it.   Once you register, we will connect with you to schedule your first session.

Canoe paddle:  $210

Kayak paddle:  $300

Stand-Up Paddle Board:  $250


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Canoe, Kayak, Stand Up Paddleboard