Legacy Gifts by Grand Inspired

What is a Legacy Gift?

Legacy Gifts are a unique way for couples to receive a wedding gift that is personal, hand made, enduring, and as special as the love they share. Couples design a piece of wood furniture or outdoor item that they would like for their home.   Grand Inspired has it custom made and sets up the system so your guests can contribute to the cost of it as their wedding gift to the couple. 


Why choose a Legacy Gift?

Sometimes it can feel like the traditional wedding gift registry leads to an excess of short-lived, sometimes entertaining, but somehow impersonal gifts. Couples often have many of things they need and the registry becomes filled with, well, stuff. Will you remember who gave you the pasta bowls in 10 years? Will you even still have them? Family & friends wish they could give something meaningful, something that expresses their wishes for a long and happy marriage. Picking stuff from a list somehow feels incomplete.



With a Legacy Gift, both guests and the wedding couple feel the authenticity that gift giving is supposed to bring. This is a gift that is truly special and meaningful. Guests can contribute any amount they wish to a legacy gift and they know that their contribution will go towards a beautifully crafted work of wooden art.

Each piece is personally designed and meticulously crafted to last for generations. Your Legacy Gift will live up to its name.



How do Legacy Gifts Work?


Legacy Gifts begin with scheduling an appointment with Grand Inspired. There you will explore your perfect gift. From dining tables to outdoor furniture, and yes, even personal water craft, we will guide you through styles, small details, wood types, and options you might have never known existed. Once you have designed your gift, Grand Inspired will secure locally sourced wood and have your design handcrafted by local artisans.

From there, you will receive card inserts or digital links which you can share with guests in a similar way to a typical gift registry. Guests are able to contribute whatever amount they wish towards your Legacy Gift. We will keep you and them updated along the way as your piece takes shape.

Tucked into each piece will be an engraved memory of your day – your names & the date, the names of those who provided the gift, a special message, whatever brings the most meaning for you.

On your special day, we will deliver a truly breathtaking hand made work given with love from your family and friends.

Inspired? Contact Us to design your own Legacy Gift.