The Grand Inspired Gallery Mission

Imagine having a home filled with things you were proud of, things that made you feel good. What would it look like? For Grand Inspired it looks like a room filled with care; care that is put into every detail of something’s creation, care that you will feel towards every item. It is this mindset that drove Grand Inspired to restore a run down, historic building and make it more beautiful than it has ever been. It is what drives us to hold the finest artisan furnishings and décor to fill your home. Every item in Grand Inspired is hand-made by local artisans who are passionate about their craft. Whether it be made from wood, ceramic, glass, or metal, Grand Inspired artisans create works that you will not find anywhere else. Truly breathtaking art awaits you in the gallery.

Build a theme to your room with unique styles from each artisan. Have rustic reclaimed whiskey barrel furnishing to pair with a soft white wall. Contrast your minimal space by getting an abstract end table with a pop of epoxy color. Whatever you can imagine, Grand Inspired has it or is able to custom make it for you. Sit down with our designer to imagine a piece that is perfect for you. We match your design to the perfect artisan for the job and get to work, keeping you updated on progress every step of the way.

Have a large gift in mind? Grand Inspired allows for crowdfunding of large ticket items so that a group of loved ones can contribute whatever they would like to a gift that will truly last.

When something is made with care, it is cared for. Because of this, we have a mission to support local artisans who source their materials responsibly and create items that are meant to last generations.

Browse our online gallery or come to our store at 501 East Main St. Stoughton, WI to experience everything we have to offer.