Stoughton Send-off Box

The Stoughton Send-off Box by Grand Inspired is a gift designed by you. It is a handmade wooden box from your choice of woods and custom engraving. This gift is filled with deals from participating Stoughton merchants so that you can pack it with all the goodies you want. It creates a lasting memory of home for any who bear it. We made this Stoughton Send-off Box for young adults going off on their own for the first time this coming fall. Send them off with a gift to remember home.

Here’s how it works

Fill out the short form below to pick your custom options. After you do we will give you a quick call to confirm all the details and get started on your handmade work. We will hand craft and polish until every detail is perfect. When its done, your Stoughton Send-off Box will be filled with deals from iconic Stoughton businesses including Cheesers, Yahara Chocolate, Spry Whimsy, and more.

The Stoughton Send-off Box measures 20″ x 12″ x 12″ and is made sturdily enough to be sat upon. It is symbolic not only of home but of your love, it be always be there.

The price of the Stoughton Send-off box ranges from 250-300 depending on your choice of wood and number of engravings

Start by selecting up to two woods and engravings for your custom box. Then give some contact information so we can get in touch about starting your gift. We won’t share your info with anyone!

Pick up to two woods that you would like to comprise your box.